Sunday, 30 April 2017

2017 Fox on Rocks Funduro


Womens only Gravity Enduro style event hosted by Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club in conjunction with the Dirt Angels MTB Group. June 24th 2017

What is Gravity Enduro?

Gravity Enduro is racing that takes place on a number of timed stages on sections of trail that are mostly descending.  Liaison stages are relaxed and not timed.


Provide a relaxed, fun entry into the discipline of Gravity Enduro (GE). Most MTB riders like going down hills fast & most dislike racing uphill. Women included. In its current form, Gravity Enduro is dominated by male rider entries. This may be because of the misconception that its a Downhill race. By introducing more women to the non pressured riding style of GE over a easy to moderate course, more may become interested in participating in the discipline at a higher level.

All Category entries $35 :

  • Group A Red Fox: Common and widespread. Regulars on MTB scene and give anything a go.
  • Group B Silver Fox: Over 40s. Regular MTB riders and should know better.
  • Group C Arctic Fox: Shy and wary. Can handle a MTB but new to the Enduro scene.
  • Group D Cub Fox: The young foxes U17s. $10 discount applies


Each rider must have the following equipment whilst on the course:

All trails are green (easy) & blue (moderate) so any serviceable mountain bike will suffice, but a dual suspension bike may enhance enjoyment.

Protection. Full face Australian Standards certified cycling helmet. Gloves, Elbow and Knee pads are recommended. In addition to the above, Elbow length sleeves are compulsory for U/17's.

Water bottle or Camelbak with additional water to be left at race HQ,

Nutrition with additional supplies to be left at race HQ,

MTBA race licence or day licence required. 

Race Day Licence
$25 - Non MTBA member (19+ years)
$15 - Non MTBA member – (18 years & under)
$15 - MTBA Recreation member upgrade. This licence covers you, your fellow competitors and the event with insurance.

Race HQ

The race HQ is located in Jubliee Park at the end of Amos Rd, Withcott. Toilets and facilities are provided and the Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club will provide the BBQ, snacks and drinks for sale during the event. 

Head to the event page for more information and updates:


Volunteers needed are to fill track Marshal positions. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Kate Craft at 


If you would like to sponsor this event please email

NB: Details and timing may change at short notice.

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