Saturday, 23 July 2016

The race is on for Range8, so take the Challenge on Sunday 21 August 2016 - taking in the best single track in Jubilee Park.


The Range8 course is set to take in the best of Jubilee’s single track and will be a challenging ride especially over 8 hours. With an estimated 3,500m of elevation for the top competitors, the Range8 is an individual challenge and a serious endurance event.  While we are expecting a number of solo competitors we have included a number of team categories to wet your appetite. If the solo challenge is not for you, than why not get a team together and share the load. This will still be a considerable challenge and you will need to be at the top of your game.  Or if you want to take it a little easier - Sport Challenge is set over a shorter course and only four hours. 


It’s simple. The winner is whoever can do the most laps of the escarpment in 8 hours. If you think you have what it takes then take up the Solo Challenge as a Lone Ranger. Have your support crew standing by at the feed station to cheer you on. Solo categories are Elite are for Male and Female. Further categories will depend on numbers. Overall winner will be the Range8 Champion M/F

DUAL CHALLENGE (Texas ranger)

Not quite up to the solo effort or want some company then bring in some backup and sign up for a team of two. Teams can be mixed, all men or all women. Each team member must do a minimum of one lap.


IIf going it alone doesn’t suit then put a team of four (4) together and join the Rangers. Team categories are mixed, all male or all female. The only criterion is that each member has to do a minimum of one lap. Overall winners of the Team Challenge will be Rangers Champions.


For those who want to have the fun but don't have the time. Make no mistake this will still be a challenge. Four hours on the bottom section of the course. Teams are made up of four members and can be all male, female or mixed.


Full Course 
Elevation LONG Loop: 520 Meters of Climbing per Loop        

Sport Challenge - Short Course 


The TMBC Range8 is set for Sunday August 21.

Sunday 21 August:

o   Late Registration from 6:30am,

o   BBQ, Coffee & Drinks available all day,

o   Race start from 8:00am,

o   Presentations 5:30pm,


Each rider must have the following equipment whilst on the course:

·         Serviceable mountain bike,

·         Australian Standards certified cycling helmet,

·         Water bottle or Camelbak with additional water to be left at refuelling stations,

·         Nutrition with additional supplies to be left at refuelling stations,

·         MTBA full licence or alternatively a day licence can be issued for $20. This licence covers you, your fellow competitors and the event with insurance.

Refuelling Stations

There will be two water stations along the route all with radio contact to each other and HQ. The course is monitored by marshals so if riders have technical/mechanical trouble, they won’t be left out there (for too long). Riders are able to leave supplies at your support station along the course. Have your support crew set up a tent so that you have all your supplies ready.


There will be options for camping close to the site on the Friday & Saturday night. Sites are $15 with the money to go to the Land owner. A list of other accommodation providers will be made available closer to the date.


Teams are only allowed to swap riders in the designated transition area. Riders must tag each other before leaving/entering the transition area.

Race HQ

The race HQ is located in Jubliee Park at the end of Amos Rd, Withcott. Toilets and facilities are provided and the Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club will provide the BBQ, snacks and drinks for sale during the event. Coffee will be available during the day.

Sunday Agust 21

  • Registration from 6:30am,
  • 8hr Race start from 8:00am,
  • 4hr Race start 11:00am
  • 4hr Race finish 3:00
  • 8hr Race finish 4.00  (*any laps not completed within the 8hrs will not be counted)
  • Presentations 4:00pm


This event requires volunteers. Most of the volunteers needed are to fill track Marshal positions. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Steve Baltzer on


This event requires volunteers. Most of the volunteers needed are to fill track Marshal positions. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Steve Baltzer on 0419784789 


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NB: Details and timing may change at short notice.