Tuesday, 21 October 2014

More of a DH Style Event


  • 2nd Cheeseburger (Registration at top of track)
  • 23rd Top half of Down hill track (Top to Grassy Knoll) ( Registration at Top Gazebo Harvey St)
  • 30th of November - Bottom half of down hill track Grassy Knoll to bottom (Registration bottom Gazebo Amos Rd)

Start time: 2.00pm 
  • 5 timed runs with 2 actually counting (Best time of last two runs counted) 

  • $10 for Club Members 
  • $15 for non club members 
    • Day licenses required or MTBA license $20 
    • Bring Correct Change
Categories include: 
  • Elite 
  • Expert 
  • Sport 
  • Under 17 
    • No prizes this is club racing. 

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