Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Count Down is ON!  Ten Days until the TMBC Gravity Enduro -  16th February at Jubilee Mountain Bike Park.

The TMBC Gravity Enduro will access the best trails in Jubilee Park. The 5 Stages will be mix of technical, fast flowing sections with short climbs and fast peddling sections thrown in for good measure.. The lowest total time in each category will be the winner.  

Can you ride your Short Travel or XC Bike?

YES!  You can race and use your short travel or XC bike. 29er XC bikes are all good as well.

The course we are using will NOT be taking in the gnarly Down Hill Mackenzie Frenzy. We will be using a small part of it, only to link to the network. Most TMBC members use it right now. That section flows and has 2  drops, both with B lines to navigate around.


Male – A Grade
Male – B Grade
Male – C Grade
Under 15
Women – A Grade
Women – B Grade
Women – C Grade

Entry fee

·         Under 15                        - $45.00
·         All other categories         - $55.00

See Two of the Stages Here

Thanks to Peter Shellshear for the Videos

The TMBC Enduro Course

Sunday 16 February 2014

7:00am - Registration Opens

7:00am – 9:00am Practice

9:00am - Race briefing

9:00am – Transition to Stage 1 start

9:45am - Stage 1 race start

For Sunday’s race all riders will start from stage 1 (total of 5 stages).   Final start times for each category will be provided a week prior to the event.

Racing format

Riders will have a non-competitive transition stage between each of the timed sections.  Results will be based on the total cumulative time across the 5 stages.  The lowest total time in each category will be the winner.

Riders may use any of the trails or fire roads that are not part of the timed sections to make their way to the start of the next stage.  Note that care should be taken on Fire roads as event vehicles and spectators will also be using these.

Each rider will have an allocated start time for each stage and riders have a set time period to get from the finish of one stage to the start of another. While the transition section is not competitively timed riders who take longer than allocated on the transition stage will incur time penalties, i.e., the clock will start without you.  The race director may choose to waive this penalty in extreme cases (e.g. where medical case has delayed racing).  Mechanical and fitness issues will not be given any allowance in the start time.


Timing facilities are the same as used in the SEQ Gravity Series. These are located at the start and finish of each stage.  Prior to starting the event, riders must tag the CLEAR timing control point and then the START timing control point.  Each rider will be issued with a timing device that will activate the timing control points; this is generally worn on a finger that best suits you (generally left).  Please note start and finish stage timing control points may be on both the left and right side of the track. Marshalls will be on hand to indicate the location of timing points.  The finger timing device needs to be placed in the hole of the timing control point until a beep indicates you’re registered to start.  Riders must be stationary when they start each stage.   Riders will start each stage at 30 second intervals.  Pre allocated start times have been issued for each rider with random phantom slots for riders who miss their starting position.  You may start before this time, however will be penalised if you start after this time.


Stages will be marked prior to the day. Suitable line choices will be marked by course tape where possible.  Where course tape is only present on the outside of a corner, this defines the route.

Any competitor seen to be crossing course tape, marker posts or taking any route deemed to be off the official race track will be penalised. There must be no interference with the track such as removing rocks, roots or branches. Any competitor deemed to be interfering with the track will be penalised. Creative line choice is allowed, however, creating your own trail/line is not allowed.  If a commissar or marshal witnesses or receives unbiased witness evidence, the rider will be penalised.

Overall Race results

Results will be based on the total cumulative time across the 5 stages.  The lowest time in each category will be the winner. There will be no seeding. 

Time penalties

For every minute you are late to the start of your stage, a time penalty will be added to your stage time.

Injured rider

In the event that you come across an injured rider who is not able to continue please wait with the rider.  The second person on the scene should continue along the trail to the next marshal point.  Anyone affected by assisting with medical will be given a time relevant to their performance on other trails.

Riders who carry mobile phones can call: Jaime McGuire on 0414 582 623. Marshals will be on hand along each stage to assist. St John’s First Aid will on site during the event.


 Competitors should above all else have fun, enjoy your race and be considerate and polite to other competitors.

The Rules

Gravity Enduro is a relaxed race format for the weekend warrior, but rules are in place to keep people safe and to keep competitors on a level playing field. The most important rules to abide by include:
·        you must wear a helmet at all times.
  • you can only use one bike with a maximum of 29" wheels and it must be in a safe working order with bar ends and working brakes all-round. The race director has the discretion to prohibit unsafe or unsuitable bikes.
  • if you fail to reach a checkpoint (stage end), a DNF is applied to the stage and you will be out of contention for a placing. You must see a marshal if you want to remove yourself from the race.
  • if you suffer a mechanical, try and complete the stage to enable you to log a time. If the problem is fixed, you can continue to finish the other stages if they are open.
  • you may only ride each stage once in the arranged order.
  • if you are caught short-cutting the trail by a marshal or 3 race competitors, you will be disqualified
  • only pass a rider where safe.
  • If you want to overtake a rider, clearly and politely let the rider in front know - 'rider when ready' is a good approach.
  • If you are being overtaken, move over when and where it is safe to do so - 'go right' can indicate the overtaking rider to overtake you on the right.
  • Please and thank you go a long way!
  • No pushing, shoving or bad language.


  • riders must assist injured competitors or seek help.
  • the race director reserves the right to halt or cancel the event in case of emergency.
  • St Johns First Aid will be on site to assist. 

Race HQ
The race HQ is located off Amos Road at the gazebo. Toilets will be provided and the Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club will provide the BBQ, snacks and drinks for sale. Spectators are welcome with parking available approximately 1km from the race village on Amos Road and at Harvey St for the top sections. Follow the parking and marshal direction.

How to get there

The TMBC Gravity Enduro will be located at the Amos Road entry to Jubilee Park via Withcott.  To plan your journey to the race HQ via Amos Road click here. 


This event requires volunteers. Most of the volunteers needed are to fill track Marshal positions. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Jaime McGuire on

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