Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Membership Change - Your Vote Counts!
With more organised events and the need for day Licences at social days, the Committee has seen the need to re-define memberships of the TMBC.  We will vote on the following proposed changes at the next general meeting.

New Non Race/Social Membership with MTBA:
The current Entry Level riding membership will become Non race/Social Membership with Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) membership. This means there is no need for day licensing at TMBC social events and rides. Importantly, it provides insurance coverage for the rider as a social member. You can find out more information on the included MTBA insurance here. If do plan to race competitively, you would need to secure a race day license separately at the event.
$20 Non Riding Supporter Membership
Our $20 Basic/Supporter Membership will continue. It’s great for families, children, and community members to show their support for TMBC. This membership has no riding insurance or affiliation with MTBA. We will also vote on a name change to from “Basic/Supporter Membership” to Non Riding Supporter Membership.
The Wrap:
  • Your support in this change and ongoing participation in TMBC will allow our club to continue to move forward and grow in the coming years
  • With it we will see our riding members shift their memberships as they become due over the next 12 months in line with the new membership levels.
  • If you already hold MTBA competition Licences you are not affected.

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