Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Jubilee Park and Your Access

Here at the TMBC, we are working hard to secure more trails and access for all. That also includes aiming for facilities like a toilet block. We share Jubilee Park with many other members of the public as well, so this is not aimed necessarily at you, but we all need to work together to ensure we can continue to develop the park with the support of council and importantly the neighboring properties. We have received a formal public complaint from the council, so we need to take action to protect our access to Jubilee Park for all seriously. 

What TMBC Management is doing?

We are going to make contact further with the neighboring properties of Jubilee Park and the Withcott community in general. We will also ensure they are more aware of when big MTB events are scheduled and how we will aim to limit inconveniencing them on those days. The TMBC is the public face of Mountain Biking  in the region. You – the guys and girls are on the front line, every time you ride.

Below are some quick tips on how you can ensure our future on the trails of Jubilee Park.
We appreciate your support!

The TMBC Management Committee

Bring It In?  Take it Out!

There is no weekly rubbish bin service at Jubilee Park. So do the right thing, Pack up your tubes, gue packets and empty drinks packs and take them out with you. The covered area is not the tip site, the draws are not the rubbish bin. You bring it in – You take it out.

Entering Jubilee from Withcott – Amos Road

It’s a fair hike in from Withcott. Amos Road is a public road and not a race track. Keep in mind the riders and the neighbours also go up and down Amos Road. Drive to the conditions, keep it slow, arrive safe and avoid throwing up a long trail of dust into the neighbours houses.


We get it, sometimes natures loo needs to be called on. Be aware that the neighbours have some concerns – justified or not. Take care and be responsible

Your Ideas?

If you have any ideas on how we can make Jubilee Park even better, let us know by hitting up the Facebook Page or emailing us here.

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