Monday, 4 March 2013

Registration for Rnd 4 of the Wild West series is open.

If you can pre enter it will help speed up rego on race day & enable racing to start on time.
The A/B grade loop can be viewed here
C grade loop can be viewed here.

A Grade = 1xC Grade loop + 3 Laps.
B Grade = 1xC Grade loop + 2 Laps.
C Grade = 4 Laps

There is also a track maintenance day planned this Saturday meeting at the bottom Gazebo on Amos Rd @7am. Given the recent rain there will be lots to do to get the track ready for the next Wild West round on the following day. Bring anything you have got to cut back the Lantana on the trails and the grass around the gazebo, we will also need to fix the creek crossings and any other erosion which should be minimal...hopefully.
As an incentive to our club members to get involved in maintaining our trails we are offering free entry to the Wild West round if you come along.
We hope to see you there.

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