Thursday, 28 March 2013


The AGM is to be held on Wednesday, 10 April 2013 at the Dr Price Room, Little St Toowoomba commencing at 7.30pm, following the monthly general meeting.  

It is absolutely vital that ALL members (and non-members) attend this very important meeting. 

We have a number of Committee persons who have advised they will not be seeking re-election for the future and it is imperative that members be prepared to volunteer to serve our/your Club on the Committee to ensure our continued success. All Committee positions will be declared vacant during the meeting and an election will be held to appoint persons who are nominated or volunteer to fill Committee positions. It is critical that members/persons elected to the Committee are active in mountain biking and have some administrative/management expertise. It is also desirable that the Executive Committee (Pres, Vice P, Sec & Treas) be resident of the Toowoomba area.

President - Vice President - Treasurer - Secretary - XC Director - DH Director- Media Officer - Sponsorship Officer - Grants Co-Ordinator.

Some great things are in the pipeline with further trail access & more events, but the club needs your support and commitment to ensure continued success. We urge you to  have a think about it and consider volunteering your services to help manage the Club which supports your mountain biking experiences!!

Please consider volunteering to nominate for any of the listed positions and advise the current President, Ryan Myler prior to the AGM via email – or call on 0400 397225.
Online entry for Apr 7 is now open. All registrations from the rained out round at Jubilee will be carried over.

Friday, 8 March 2013

After much agonising, we have had to cancel the running of this weekend's round of the WW series. We are negotiating with JR as to whether we host a later round, but alternative calendar dates are getting scarce.
Pre-registrations will be refunded / rolled over depending on the final decision.
Apologies to all for the inconvenience.
TMBC XC Coordinator 

Monday, 4 March 2013

Registration for Rnd 4 of the Wild West series is open.

If you can pre enter it will help speed up rego on race day & enable racing to start on time.
The A/B grade loop can be viewed here
C grade loop can be viewed here.

A Grade = 1xC Grade loop + 3 Laps.
B Grade = 1xC Grade loop + 2 Laps.
C Grade = 4 Laps

There is also a track maintenance day planned this Saturday meeting at the bottom Gazebo on Amos Rd @7am. Given the recent rain there will be lots to do to get the track ready for the next Wild West round on the following day. Bring anything you have got to cut back the Lantana on the trails and the grass around the gazebo, we will also need to fix the creek crossings and any other erosion which should be minimal...hopefully.
As an incentive to our club members to get involved in maintaining our trails we are offering free entry to the Wild West round if you come along.
We hope to see you there.

Toowoomba legend in the news for all the right reasons

Words by Jared Rando | Images by Yeti OZ & Damian Breach

Sometimes you just have to put everything aside and give credit where it’s due. Jared Graves is the man.

Jared Graves is a better bike rider then me, and he’s a better bike rider than you. Even when you beat him, he’s still a better bike rider than you. Why? He’s undoubtedly one of the best all round bike riders there has ever been, and he’s beaten a lot of different people, at a lot of different forms of cycling.

A couple of years ago, I thought it would be cool to do XC, DH and 4X at National Champs on the same bike. It was fun, and I had a good time doing it- but my results were hopeless. Jared Grave’s just made me look ridiculous by doing it all, and actually kicking ass whilst in the process. Granted, he did use different bikes, but I reckon if he used the same bike, he would have done a hell of a lot better than I did (I got last in Elite Mens XC for the record) or ever could do.

Jared hasn’t raced XC in many years but in an effort to lean down and get ready for the Enduro World Series he’s been riding and racing XC. 7th at the Nationals shows just how talented Jared is.
Here’s a guy who has podium World Cup DH finishes, US National Dual Slalom wins, BMX World Cup wins, won at least a thousand 4X World Cups and World Championships, represented Australia at the Olympics (as a favourite to win) and this year he’s decided to race the Enduro World Series for something different. And I’m sure he won’t suck at that either.
For training, he’s racing both DH and XC and killing it. He finished 7th at the Australian Titles in XC and was 2ndin DH. No one’s done anything like that for a long, long time, and to see someone do so well at both, in this day and age, is absolutely insane.

Jared Graves racing downhill at the 2013 Nationals in Canberra. Not long after finishing 7th in the XC Jared qualified 1st in DH. Amazing.
It’s all too easy to get caught up with the superstars of our sport- the flavour of the month who is having his or her time at the top. But, sometimes, when you sit back and look at the bigger picture, you notice some pretty incredible things going on that you might not have noticed before.
Mr. Graves, you have my respect (well, more of it anyway) and hats off to you. I don’t think we will see someone with such rounded talent on a bike for a long, long time.

Even Chuck Norris would have a hard time keeping up.