Saturday, 14 January 2012

Maintenance Day - 14/01/12

Hey all,

We had a massive turn out to our maintenance day on the 14th, with a total of 18 workers, and got some great work done. There's new jumps, berms, and a lot of Rock Armouring. The corner down near the end of Rollercat, with the large boulder in it, has been fixed, with the rock being removed, meaning you can now carry a lot of speed around it. Rock Armouring has been added to the "Great Wall" section of the Turkey Trail, which should make it a bit easier to climb. The Connection Trail had a lot of work done to it, with a few new jumps being added, and even our first log ride being added to the park.

The tracks are definitely on their way up, and with your help we can make them even better, so keep an eye on here (or Facebook, or for when our next maintenance day is, and came along and help. It can only get better!


Joy Boy

The Crew minus Jason and myself (taking the photo)

Creek Crossing high on the Turkey, covering up the poly pipe.

New Double on the Turkey, give it a crack!

The new and Improved "Great Wall" on Turkey

Lead in to a small double on the connection trail, shows the quality of the work going into it.

Builders checking out some new parts.

Club President and Jock scoping out the new Log Ride on the Connection Trail.

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